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Stone Hendricks Group understands the power of a well-formed employee base to help your business achieve its goals. We use advanced training, proprietary technology, and a vast network of people across industries to ensure your direct-hire search, and your business, is successful

Who We Are

Stone Hendricks Group has combined years of experience and a diversity of talent to provide businesses with timely, effective job candidates. We are a direct-hire search firm and work with businesses, large and small, to provide qualified, pre-interviewed job candidates in blue- and grey-collar roles, as well as white-collar and executive roles.

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We value integrity

What integrity means to us:

Connectedness — We connect organizations to talent via thorough, inclusive searches using technology and industry-spanning contacts.

Commitment – We are committed to ongoing market research; we are committed to finding the right people for the right roles; and we are committed to gathering feedback to ensure a smooth search process for our clients.

Candor — We engage in honest, authentic, timely communication with employers and job seekers to ensure an open, successful hiring environment.

Meet the Stone Hendricks Group Leadership

Brief bios/photos of Dan, Doug, and Chris

Excellence Matters To Us Because it Matters To You

You can count on Stone Hendricks Group to do just one thing – deliver excellent candidates that are a good fit for your business. We do more than simply “fill a role.” Our screening and interviewing process . Our clients view us as trusted advisors providing them with highly-personalized service that is responsive to their unique needs.